Peter J. King (b. Boston, Lincolnshire) has had his poetry, including translations from German and Greek, published in journals such as Acumen, Bare Fiction, Tears in the Fence, Eyot, Dream Catcher, Lighthouse, Molly Bloom, Osiris, Raum, Oxford Magazine, New Walk, and The Interpreter’s House. His latest collections are Adding Colours to the Chameleon (2016, Wisdom’s Bottom Press) and All What Larkin (2017, Albion Beatnik Press).

In the unlikely event that you want to know more, here’s a Wombwell Rainbow Interview.


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  1. Dear Peter,

    Congratulations on having your three poems published by Sparks of Callope.

    Reading your profile I was struck by the similarity in our poetry journey, especially the timeframe.

    Like you I started writing poems in the seventies and continued into the eighties. There followed a hiatus until 2013 when I met a fellow poet at my local football club. By 2019 I was once again writing poetry again.

    I wish you continued success with your poetry career.

    Kind regards


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    1. Thanks — and yes, that is quite a spooky parallel. My 2013 push back into poetry was courtesy of a colleague, Lucy Newlyn, to whom I’m lastinglt grateful.

      Good luck with your own writing!



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